What does the word "skeedz" mean?
Nothing, really. It was invented by a couple of the original forum members back in the day.

Where do your awesome HD wallpapers come from?
Some are photographs I have taken myself, most are hand picked from other wallpaper sites or Google image search. All images are publicly available and any copyright and/or trademark belongs to their respective owners. If you are the owner of a particular image and want it removed from this site, please contact the administrator, quoting the image number and your email address.

How do you decide which wallpapers will make the cut?
First of all the image has to be of excellent quality and at least 1920 x 1200 pixels. Other than that it's all down to the fine art of good taste ;)

Where are all the semi-naked dude wallpapers?
Probably on some other website. Sorry.

What happened to the forums?
The forums have been removed from the site.

What happened to the IRC server/chat room?
The IRC server has been decommissioned due to poor patronage and high maintenance requirements.

Who maintains this website?
A mysterious recluse who goes by the name Josh Sanchez.

How long has the site been around?
In some form since July 2001. The skeedz.com domain was first registered in September 2002.

Your site looks f*cked, the layout is all screwed up. Why?
The code is tested in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The HTML & CSS are W3C compliant. If you're having problems with another browser, consider updating to something better. Staunch Internet Explorer users please note that version 9 is the recommended minimum, and IE6 and earlier are not supported at all.

Which HTML/PHP editor is used to create the code behind Skeedz?

Which graphics editor is better - Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop?
Probably Photoshop but Paint Shop Pro is cheaper and easier to use.

Why is this site so slow?
Because it is hosted on a home internet connection with a limited amount of upstream bandwidth.

What else is the skeedz server used for?
Aside from hosting several websites and MySQL databases, the server currently handles outbound email via Exim and is a backup file server with 5TB of hard drive space. But it's other main function is as a HTPC Media Center running Kodi.

What kind of UPS do you use?
Previously a PowerShield Commander PSC1000. This unit could keep the server up for approximately 1 hour, but the batteries died again so I got rid of it. Now we rely on the good graces of the electricity grid.

Where is the skeedz server located?
Queensland, Australia.

Server Software
• Xubuntu 18.04.3
• Kernel 4.20.16
• nginx 1.16.1
• PHP 7.4.0
• MariaDB 10.4.8

Server Hardware
• Gigabyte GA-EP41T-UD3L Motherboard
• Intel E6500 Dual-Core CPU 2.93GHz
• 4GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
• PowerColor Radeon HD4350
• 1 x 100GB SATA Hard Drive (primary)
• 2 x 2TB SATA Hard Drives (media storage)