Welcome to skeedz.com, home of the best hand-picked high resolution desktop wallpapers. We currently have 2,756 images available, with new 1920 x 1200 wallpapers added regularly. Our thumbnail previews are a huge 320 x 200 pixels and all images are categorized and searchable which makes finding your perfect wallpaper easy. Check out the Wallpaper Page to get started.

Check out my YouTube channel MVDBR Enduro. Quality original dirt bike videos uploaded regularly - please hit the subscribe button if you like what you see. There's a website as well: mvdbr.skeedz.com.

This is a small collection of some of the applications that I personally have installed on my Android device. These are not the only apps I use, but they are the ones I wouldn't be without. They are all free or have free versions available.

This guide will show you how to install a fast, lightweight XFCE desktop environment on a slimmed down Ubuntu Server mimimal install, and also the packages required to have a fully functional Kodi Media Center (formerly XBMC) on the same machine.

This guide will show you how to convert a DVD movie into an AVI file - using DVD Shrink, VirtualDub, and the XviD codec. There are many other ways to do this, and I've tried most of them. This is the method that works best for me.

This is a screenshot of my Kodi (formerly XBMC) Media Center currently running the Eminence 3.0 skin. Click here to see the main screen or here for the movie list view. Get Kodi for Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android from kodi.tv.

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2019-10-10: Main drive replaced with newer quieter 100GB 2.5 inch unit.
2019-09-16: Switched from MySQL database to MariaDB.
2019-04-29: Another 7 year old backup drive failed and was replaced with a new 2TB unit.
2019-04-09: PHP updated to version 7.3.4.
2018-10-26: Update server to Xubuntu 18.04 LTS.
2018-10-25: A secondary hard drive finally failed with almost 7 years runtime. Some downtime resulted.
2018-08-02: Added subdomain mvdbr.skeedz.com for our dirt bike shenanigans.
2018-06-01: Switched the site over to secure SSL/HTTPS powered by SSL For Free.
2018-01-29: Google Ads removed due to BS policy violation. There goes my 5c/month income supplement.
2017-05-12: Update server to Xubuntu 16.04 LTS.
2017-05-09: Long overdue miscellaneous content updates.
2017-04-13: ProFTPD, OpenSSH, PHP, MySQL, and nginx software updated.
2015-12-01: Extended electricity outage caused shutdown but we reached 528 days uptime!
2015-04-26: PHP, MySQL, and nginx all updated to latest versions.
2015-04-17: 300 days continuous uptime! Only 65 to go...
2015-02-14: Forums removed from the site. Added Google Ads. Happy Valentine's Day. =)
2015-01-07: 200 days continuous uptime for the server. =)
2015-01-05: All XBMC references updated to the software's new name, Kodi.
2014-06-20: Several hours downtime due to planned electricity outage.
2014-01-22: Some minor outages due to electricity supply interruptions and software upgrades.
2014-01-06: 6 hours downtime during server relocation.
2013-12-30: 7 hours downtime due to local storm activity.
2013-12-09: Server uptime record of 111 days finally smashed.
2013-12-07: More wallpaper search tweaks - I hope I've got it right this time :\ Stupid MySQL.
2013-11-20: nginx updated to 1.4.4. CSS style tweaks including border-radius on images.
2013-10-05: phpBB updated to version 3.0.12.
2013-09-19: All wallpapers categorized and titled, more search improvements.
2013-09-02: Switched W3C compliance from XHTML 1.0 to HTML5. No more tables. =)
2013-08-30: New default font for the site as well as CSS tweaks to improve page load times.
2013-08-19: Wallpaper preview/thumbnail size increased from 120 to 320px.
2013-08-12: Server now running a custom (minimal) build of Ubuntu Linux 13.04.
2013-07-29: phpBB updated to version 3.0.11, wallpaper search function improvements.
2013-07-27: All wallpaper images moved offsite to a server with much more bandwidth.
2013-07-25: Server migrated from Apache to nginx and PHP-FPM.
2013-07-17: DNS moved over to freedns.afraid.org for fast automated updates on IP changes.
2013-07-02: Moved house, causing 12 days downtime. F**k you Telstra.
2013-05-03: Back to ADSL connection. Still better than dial-up. ;-)
2013-01-16: Switched from ADSL to cable connection. 2.4Mbps upload speed, booyah.
2013-01-08: UPS back online with brand new batteries.
2012-11-30: Server upgraded to Linux Mint 14.
2011-12-29: Moved house, causing 3+ weeks of downtime. Got a faster line speed now though.
2011-08-28: Replaced the master hard drive with a bigger faster 7200rpm unit.
2011-06-18: Scored a second-hand UPS for the server.
2011-05-17: Downtime due to a round of software upgrades.
2011-03-22: Minor downtime due to loss of electricity supply.
2011-01-24: Installed a third drive into the server bringing the disk total to 4.5TB.
2011-01-06: Installed a second drive into the server for an additional 2TB of storage.
2010-08-01: Yet another electricity outage. Yay.
2010-06-02: Loss of electricity supply caused 2-3 hours of downtime.
2010-05-22: Minor upstream bandwidth increase, 256kbps to 384kbps. Still nowhere near enough.
2010-05-09: New custom server finally online and fully operational. See FAQ page for details.
2010-04-23: Chucky has returned to IRC in all his foul-mouthed glory. Ace has been retired.
2010-03-09: New backup server (Dell) now online.
2010-03-02: Server mobo & PSU fried by Energex incompetence in the form of a power surge.
2009-10-20: Intermittent downtime over the past 24 hours, all services are now back online.
2009-08-22: All wallpapers have been converted to 1920 x 1200 pixels.
2009-08-12: Network outage between 8pm and 11pm AEST.
2009-08-07: Ace is back in the IRC channel. Added a search function to the wallpaper page.
2009-07-27: Network outage between 4am and 7am AEST.
2009-07-16: More electricity outages this evening.
2009-07-07: Forums converted from vBulletin to phpBB.
2009-06-16: Some CSS style tweaks.
2009-06-09: All services are now back online.
2009-06-01: Please use the URL www.skeedz.com to access the site.

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